Looking for someone to build you a greatly looking iOS App?
I am here to help. With 4 years of UI Design work and 2 years of iOS Development experience I will create an outstanding app for you. Other guys either just draw fancy designs in Photoshop without any understanding of the platform or make terrible looking apps in Xcode, forcing you to spend time and money hiring other people to complete their work. Not in my case - you tell me what you want, you get it well executed and fast. 

I worked for small and big teams alike. I am also a huge fan of hackathons: sort of a competition, where you build a complete product in about 24 hours. I won prizes in a number of them including those in MIT, John Hopkins and other prestigious institutions across the US. They have taught me a lot about how to work efficiently. 

Summarising: I build apps. Beautiful ones. And fast.
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