Twitter is a broken platform. It has an excellent potential for public discussions which is being wasted because people are struggling to find followers. If you are a newcomer, you are facing a discouraging nothingness, not knowing what to write or who to follow. 
If you are attending a public event and for some reason do not know the hashtag for the twitter feed, you miss the discussion, even though you are physically present. In real world, if people are talking in public and someone is nearby, that person can hear and most importantly can join the conversation. Why can’t we do the same in a digital world?
That’s what Crowds is trying to accomplish; it’s a platform that will allow anyone to communicate with people near them.

- Conduct user and competition research.
- Create high-fidelity wireframes with focus on user experience.
- Create the logo and brand elements along with the user interface for the app.

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