Takeout meals cooked by people
A team from New York approached me with an idea of designing a new kind of food delivery app. Instead of delivering from restaurants, people would get meals cooked by other people, Uber-like manner. I decided to help them with the idea and made the design you can see in front of you. 
I was trying to make it simple to use, intuitive for newcomers, yet convincing branding. I followed Apple Human Design Guidelines pretty closely, but also borrowed a few elements from Google Android UI. in particular, floating button, serving as a shortcut to a quick action for a given screen. For example, at the home screen it opens filters. At the messages screen, it creates a new message.

- Conduct user and competition research.
- Create high-fidelity wireframes with focus on user experience.
- Create the logo and brand elements along with the user interface for the app. 

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